With Heart and Passion

The Artistry Forge team  is composed of fully trained specialists who have been trained in Germany and Canada. The many years of experience as an Artisan Blacksmith, a Draftsman and a Designer has made each one into an absolute expert and artist.



Johann Helminger


Johann started working with brass 40 years ago in a small village in Germany called ‘Waging am See’. After becoming a master craftsman in architectural brass and ironwork, Johan quickly established his own business, first in Germany and now out of Canada.. Johann is known for his detailed craftsmanship and design, which result in a worldwide expansion of customers.He is our main master craftsman and designer and the manager of Artistry Forge.

Reni Helminger


Reni Helminger is the owner and the heart of this company. She is working along side her husband Johan Helminger for the last 20 years and is taking care of the administrative management of the company.

Jonathan Helminger


Jonathan Helminger is the oldest son of Reni & Johann Helminger. He will be the future master-craftsman of this company. At the moment he is enrolled in an apprenticeship program for ironwork. He is a very talented craftsman with the eye for detail and perfection.

Joseph Helminger

Metal Worker

Joe Helminger is the middle son of Reni & Johan Helminger. He is a hardworking young man that takes great pride in his metal work at Artistry Forge.

Different Contractors

We do have view master-craftsman working for us on a contractor base.

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