Working with brass and iron started 40 years ago (1977) for Johan Helminger in a small village in Germany called ‘Waging am See’. After becoming a master craftsman in architectural brass and ironwork 1981, Johann quickly established his own business. He soon was known for his detailed craftsmanship and design, which result in a worldwide expansion of customers. The way Johan Helminger and his team create their masterpieces has almost become a lost art, but it is being revived at Artistry Forge. Seeing the demand for unique and high end quality products we changed from a regular black smith factory to a company specializing in artistic forge work.

We are the specialist in luxury, unique, high quality staircase railings, entrance gates or doors, fencing, chandeliers and much else. Our work can be found worldwide in yachts, villas, mansions and hotels throughout Europe, Cambodia, Russia and North America.

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