There is magic about metal that mesmerizes those who work with and appreciate it. The ability to take a stack of hard rods and bars, heat them and reshape them into something useful and beautiful is constant source of wonder and pride for us. We are able to create/forge in old traditional ways any metal into something amazing. But here we would like to talk about iron or brass gates and fences.

Gates and fences are among the most apparent uses of ironwork. They are very obvious when you take the time to look at them and for them. We take fences and gates for granted because most are profane, sacrificing design to economics and pure function. You will find that our gates and fences are anything but profane and trite.  A fence or a gate may be the first decorative element we see when we approach a building but we often see through it, or it stops our eye, yet subliminally we know it is there. A gate or a fence, well integrated with a building style, can be a beautiful compliment to the architecture. When it is well integrated we see it as a part of the building and not a separate structure lost and alone.

Regardless of the design, the function of the gate or fence must be addressed. Gates and fences are designed to protect, to keep people or animals in or out, to delineate a property line, and/or to establish an entry or exit point.

We at the Artistry Forge would love to create the perfect gate and/or fence for your home and property according to your design ideas and purpose. We are the specialist in master crafting metal (especially brass) into beautiful and functional gates and fences and we are not afraid of the challenge of the design be it baroque, abstract, modern or any other style possible.