More and more people and businesses discover once again the beauty of a wrought iron or a brass entrance gate or staircase railings, and what an effect it has on their properties looks and value.

Already the people in the Antique had recognized that a well forged gate of iron or brass will enhance the impression and value of their house and property and also indicate the visitors or peasants the state of their class in society. The variations of iron or the noble brass had no limits. Some gates or staircases were also covered with gold or silver.
In today’s world however, the art of forging has received little new impetus and has been replaced by the rapidly spreading cast iron technology. The art of forging was almost believed to be dead, as in this century the craft revived unexpectedly and blossomed. It was felt that wrought iron was a more stable material than cast iron. It is true that large quantities of cast iron and brass can be produced cheaply but this mass production entails a loss of individuality. Each wrought iron or brass, on the other hand, has a uniqueness that distinguishes it from everything else.
Even today, more and more people are discovering the beauty of hand-forged iron and brass and how it can improve a house, property or even a yacht.
Elegant staircase railings out of brass will give a house an instant makeover and the feel of wealth and luxury.
There are no limits to the design. You can discover modern, baroque, classic or abstract elements.
We at the Artistry Forge have the knowledge of the ancient art of forging iron and brass and are able to tailor each design to the old handmade style. We are the specialists for iron and brass forging.