What makes life and living on this planet so interesting is the diversity that is been offered to us.

In our business, there are so many different styles we can work with. There is baroque, classic, modern and abstract just to name a few. And of course, a lot of designers have their very own style we forge. We at the Artistry Forge always loved the challenges designers and architects confronted us with. For many years we where known for our excellency in baroque brass forging. Baroque is the most difficult style to forge because you will be using all the different forging techniques. Because of our baroque style experience and excellency forging other styles is easy for us. It is tricky to forge brass. The art of forging brass lies in the perfect moment, that is when this alloy has the perfect temperature to be shaped. This moment is very short and a person needs to be fast and accurate. Is the alloy brass to hot it will get a liquid like texture which is great to cast. If the alloy brass is to cold it will break while being shaped.

Having the baroque brass forging down to perfection is the essence to forge any style and design out of brass with ease. We love what we do and we have to say we are very proud of what we do and it shows in our work.

Our master craftsmen are always happy to get projects that will challenge them. They know their craft very well and will help and give their thoughts on any design represented to them. Staircase railings, entry gates, doors, fences whatever your project is fell free to contact us for an estimate. Looking forward hearing from you.