Brass is very nice to look at if polished or left matt. Over time brass will change its color naturally due to oxidation. This oxidation will form a so called patina, and a brown and later on greenish color will appear. Clear coating is an option to keep the natural brass color over time.

To keep the color the same without changing over time, you will have the option for color treating your brass “item”. The opportunities are endless in the color choices for brass.

Color can be changed with the help of various chemicals and you will have choices from gold to a dark brown. Brass masterpieces like a staircase railing for example can have a combination of different color treated pieces if desired.

For gold lovers there is the option to keep it very golden with an electronic 24 karat galvanization. The same if you prefer silver. Brass can be galvanized in silver.

To extend the time of the naturel darkening of your brass masterpiece you treat it simply with Balistol Oil, which is used for maintaining guns. If you choose this option you can always easily sand or grind your piece to the desired gold polished look.

This is only a very short insight in the different color treatments of brass, we will keep you posted here in our blog section for other facts on brass and ironwork.

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Note: the picture from this blog is a railing handcrafted for a yacht material brass and galvanized in silver.