Working with brass and iron started 40 years ago in a small village in Germany called ‘Waging am See’. After becoming a master craftsman in architectural brass and ironwork, Johan quickly established his own business. He soon was known for his detailed craftsmanship and design, which result in a worldwide expansion of customers. More and more customers were seeking special iron work skills for staircase railings, entrance gates, chandeliers etc.

Seeing the demand for unique and high end quality products we changed from a regular black smith factory to a company specializing in artistic forge work. The metal of choice became brass.

Brass is a high quality metal where a lot of companies are afraid of working with. It is a very noble and classy metal, which was used by the Royal families for many centuries.

This beautiful metal does not need any treatment to protect it from the elements. If untreated it will develop a patina over time which will give the metal a brown, later on greenish color. This is the antique look you can still see for example in Paris and other architectural master buildings all over the world. If you treat brass the proper way you can make this metal look even more fancy and expensive by treating it with gold and/or silver. Any alloy can be put on brass very easily which is another feature which we like on brass.

We can proudly say that we perfected the way we fabricate that great metal. You can find our work in many different styles all over Europa, Russia, Cambodia and North America. Keep checking our blog posts for more interesting facts on brass and our work. More interesting facts and stories about our work will be posted.

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